The Company  

ALPHABETA Consulting LLP is a new breed of Management, Information Systems and Technology consulting firm dedicated to providing comprehensive and value-added Information Technology solutions and management support services to financial and Public sector institutions. We specialise in providing professional and independent Advice and support in Information and Financial systems.

Our commitment is to add value, build business advantages and engineer business change to our customers through the implementation of effective customer driven application of leading-edge IT solutions and new business methods.

We aim at making our clients become more competitive in their market places and more effective in their internal operations through the implementation of effective user-driven integrated computerised systems. ALPHABETA Consulting LLP is managed by a team of seasoned professionals who have acquired varied business experiences and have brought in their varied expertise in Information Technology, Consultancy, Banking and Accounting to bear on daily business operations.

We adopt an inter-disciplinary approach in meeting our clients’ needs by recruiting and retaining top calibre personnel to achieve our unique total-service concept.

We forge business alliances and contacts with technical partners, major software developers and other strategic service providers for specialised training needs, technical support and strategic direction.


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